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Default Re: Question about my nour Hookah

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
Km is a decemt hose, unless you really want a hose that is waterproof they is no need to get nammor.

A phunnel would help, but even using one, i dont think the smoke density gets any better then a standay clay bowl, i only use the phunnel so the shisha juice does nopt fall down the stem.

Try another bowl, and poke small holes on your foil, and try using a windcover so it concentrates the heat towards the bowl
I praise that response HIGHLY! Lots of peeps believe it takes a Nammor along with a large Tangiers phunnel and loads of coal to get big smoke...WRONG! These things are nice but that's not necessarily what you need. I've gotten huge smoke from a stock Mya Bambino with everything stock except the bowl (everybody know those little bowls are just horrible ) and 1/3 of a stick of Exotica coal. Also, like I say above, the windcover will definitely help aid in the heat management around the bowl so if you want to give the heat a boost, that's always a great thing to have. Keep working with your setup and see how you come out. I'm willing to bet the smoke you are getting is just fine. After all, it's flavour first...then comes the clouds
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