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Default Re: Your First Hookah Experience

My First time smoking hookah i was really against it, believe it or not. I hated the idea that it used tobacco and thus decided it was terrible for you and that i'd never try it, but.... that evening, due to a drunken stupor, i decided what the hell...

It was with Jayrunner89 out of his chinese three hose valve system hookah. It was maybe 21" tall with an egyptian bowl ontop packed full of pumpkin spice. I don't remember the brand because i wasn't really paying that much attention to what i was smoking, but instead i was trying really hard to do the rings everyone else was doing.

i thuroughly enjoyed the flavor and the experience, and thus, decided to give it another try when not so drunk. I loved it again, and found, and purchased my own. Ahhhh...... the memories
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