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Default New hookah from Social Smoke w/ damaged hose

Hey i just got my new hookah- MZ Apollo 1 hose rotating hookah. Smokes like a champ! My namoor hose however looks like its been dragged on something ruff as there's a long think strip that's worn off of it. Didn't notice it at first and smoked with it anyway and it works great. Do you guys think its worth trying to get a new hose or would this sort of wear and tear happen eventually anyway?

Had two sessions one with real coal and one with quick lites and the real coals really make a difference! Was much easier keeping a constant think smoke that wasn't too harsh and they broke up eventually.

The free wind cover thing also appears to be slightly used but i couldn't really care less about that.

This is the first hookah i've actually owned and its been a couple years since i've smoked but this MZ seems really great so far! Anyone else have this hookah??
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