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Default Packing The Perfect Bowl

Hello everyone, secretsquirrel from Toronto, Canada. Does anyone know how to "pack the perfect bowl" for a "perfect smoke?" Let me explain. I've been smoking hookah now for several years after discovering it during one fo my many travels to the Middle East with the Canadian military. So while there I bought several high quality hookahs and all the related supplies. I have managed since that date to have some fairly good smokes here at home, but I still haven't been able to recreate the "perfect smoke" that all the cafes in the Middle East seem to serve up so easily. I strongly beleive it is all in the packing of the bowl. I don't imagine the water level makes to much of a difference provided the bottom is underneath 1-2 inches of water and I only use high quality tobacco and coals (natural lemonwood). In the Middle East they will typically only put 3-4 small coals (and I mean small) on the top of the bowl and it will last easily 30 minutes. The smoke is thick and NEVER harsh with no after taste. Whenever I do it, I try not to pack the bowl to tight, but it seems I still end up with quite a bit of wet tobacco left over in the bowl near the bottom. If I use too little tobacco I can't generate enough smoke. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions. Has anyone seen a "Hookah cafe preparer" in the Middle East prepare/stuff the bowl. During a recent visit to the UAE I asked a Hotel waiter who prepared Hookahs to show me his method and he literally pressed and compressed the tobbaco around the inner rim of the bowl only. He did not lightly stuff/pack the tobabbo throughout the bowl. Suggestions. Thank you.
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