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Default Re: Question about my nour Hookah

Originally Posted by omgheyitskenny View Post
using the dinky small bowl that came with the hookah gets great flavor and smoke but harshness comes quick about a 15min bowl
It took me a while to start liking that small bowl that comes with those. The trick is to not pack the shisha too tight, leave enough space between the shisha and the foil, and don't use too much heat.

I learned that it is easy to have the holes clog making a difficult draw, so fluff up the shisha some and don't pack too tight.

Because it is such a small bowl, it is easy to have the shisha too close to the foil, so watch out for that.

For heat I use two coconaras and sometimes reduce to 1. Now I get perfect bowls every time with no harshness and no clogging.

The nice thing about the small bowl, is that when your coals are gone, there is no unused wasted shisha left. It seems to be good for 45 minutes to an hour.
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