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Default Re: Help Me Hookah Hunt!

Firstly don't spend that much on the Mya. For the extra money you drop on that you can get a beautiful KM or Syrian and have around 50 bucks left for coals and tobacco.

KMs have a good fanbase because they are designed well, durable and smoke well. I don't have one yet so i can't tell you.

If you want a Syrian I can support the decision. I love my Syrian completely. It's a great pipe and smokes very well. It is durable and beautiful. I have heard some things about H-S Syrians but that is just word of mouth. I have never smoked one and have heard both good and bad but that is common or any hookah. I would go with the stainless steel models from them. Hookah John has a nice Syrian model for a good price and he is one of the best vendors on the market. I got my solid brass Syrian from John.
J&R hookahs is pretty much the hub for Syrian selection. Their pipes are guaranteed and they are all very nicely designed with good prices.

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