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Default Fixed my broken hookah, but got q's..

Well been a long time coming, I finally became a member instead of, been lurking like 6 months now on here. Anyway, I ordered a new hookah because the stem broke on my last one. Of all people my roommate who is Lebanese broke it lol. Anyway, I got tired of waiting on mine new one. So I took a pen casing, fit it threw the inside of the stem, used little Jb to tighten the fit, and placed the upper peace on same way, and then used jb to create a air tight seam around the stem, and placed the cover over it. You can't tell it was broken, just a degree of leen in it. Pics if you wanna see how i did it.

Anyway, to my draws pretty hard, prolly cause the restrected portion of the stem where it broke, but it actually is more air tight then before...

But have any of you tried the Hookah-Hookah herbal "Black" Shisha? My local carriers of shisha won't carry it because it has no nicotine, was wondering if it's any good? And what do you think of the Hookah Freak Atomic Fireball, i found it kinda dry, and harsh...smelt good but yeah...just asking..
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