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Default Exotica's Like Cracker Jacks never know what the prize inside is!!!

Hay gang I want to start of by saying Im personaly not trying to bash exotica but i want to make people aware of a problem ive had for a second time. I smoke hookah as a replacement for cigs and its all i smoke once a day during the week and maby a couple times a day on the weekend. I smoke from a hookah cause in my opinion its much more natural and healther than cigs. But I due understand by no means is it without risk but thats why I pay attention to my hookah smoking products to be certian it is the best for me as possiable. Now on to the bad stuff. I usually will sit and cut up a box or 2 of coals every once and a while to eliviate the mess of coal dust and only make the mess once. So tonight i was cutting up my exoticas and found more crap not in just a second box but a third for me now. So im no longer going to use exoticas Im going to attach pictures of more stuff found in my new boxes of exoticas. This is not the first post ive made about this but i think its important for people to pay attention to what they ingest in there body's. PLEASE FOR YOUR HEALTH PAY ATTENTION TO YOU SMOKING PRODUCTS!!!!


Ps sorry for all the miss spellings my computer wont let me down load the spell checker fo this fourm some reason
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