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Default Re: My first SB experience...

Originally Posted by HiToKiRi View Post
I ordered a tub of SB Blue Mist along with some more Exotica's which arrived earlier this week and I just had to try it out.

All I can say is damn! This shits good! I now realize what the fuss is all about. Even though the price tag is somewhat high, I'm quite certain that I will be bankrupting myself soon if the other flavours are anywhere near as good.
Welcome to the club! I am already bankrupting myself with huge SB orders whenever I get a chance to bring them in. Blue Mist was my first SB to try. Guava is also great. I reordered both flavors because I loved them very much. White Peach and Raspberry are nice, but not nice enough for me to reorder.

I also have 7 unopened flavors that I still need to try, which I bought upon recommendations (Wildberry, Marlett, Sex on the beach, Citrus Mis, Passion Kiss, Chocolate Strawberry, and Caramel Apple).

Originally Posted by m-stak View Post
white grape is the first one i ever tryed its really good i think thick smoke but i really wanna try the Christmas mix and white peach
White Grape was too candyish and sweet and I could not taste any grape. It was good, but definitely was not grape.

Black Grape is a no-no. Never try it !

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