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Default Re: Exotica's Like Cracker Jacks never know what the prize inside is!!!

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
Well this is over to me im nolonger going to use these coals weather my life depends on it or not. Ive been told if there is no quality controll sticker in the lid there not his coals. Well the ones he sent me arnt his cause there is no sticker even though these are the boxes he sent me after the last incodent and now Gaberial is personally atacking me off sight through e-mail when all i wanted to do is inform him of a problem in his coals and the same with the public so no one became ILL. To all this is over and no need to carry on the choice is obvious. To all smoke at your own risk and good luck.

These sort of reports surprise me because i've used literally a mountain of Exoticas (OK, a foothill) and my friends have used several times as many over the past couple of years and I've never had an issue with Exoticas. Yet clearly something is wrong here. Honestly, if I had as much bad luck with a brand as Travis i'd avoid it like the plague.

As to Gabe I admit to being conflicted. My very limited personal dealings have been very positive yet attacking Travis the way he has is simply wrong. A vendor should thank a customer for pointing out problems with his product and fix the problem. Abusing someone the way Gabe has makes me want to avoid buying his products.

In all truthfulness a lot of great coals are on the market: Coconaras,
Zoghal Ghalebs, Starlight & Al Awa'el all make fantastic products and they don't publicly abuse people that get stuck with defective products.
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