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Default Re: Exotica's Like Cracker Jacks never know what the prize inside is!!!

Im not going to post the fore mentioned e-mail due to ethics on my part but gabrial did send me a new e-mail moments ago that i will post witch may put some at ease about there coals. I dont know what to say at this point and dont want to down some one for there product and there changes for the better I do see a good point in his e-mail where stated that I DID NOT RECIVE the the inspected coals so im sure if I had by whats explained in this attached e-mail the new coals after the certain date that they would be the best coals he could make but until then imunsure about things like back stock and situations where a vender may be sitting on old stock and would he (exotica) be willing to work with thoes who recive thoes. Till some time passes im not going to jump on that bus i post things like this not to slander but to informe and im going to stand my ground firm take it as you will and im going to leave it at that.


[FONT=Arial]Thanks for the email. As stated before and I will again, I do not know what coals are out there at the moment other than what I sell now. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]"All the coals leaving Exotic Imports USA as of Nov 15, 2008 are all gone through massive extensive quality control and all coals are guarenteed. In order of knowing what is new and old, the new coals have quality control stickers in the the inside flaps of the kg boxes. After past issues and customer feedback, we have implemented many safetly and quality control steps and we have resolved all issues and concerns that have been presented to us in the past 2 years. We have researched and resolved all the potential issues with straining and compression as well as mixing and drying process. All issues have been resolved and there are no reasoning why any exoticas leaving our warehouse will have any faults as of Nov 15, 2008. The straining process elimiates any particles in the coals due to mining and moving from Syria to China to USA. The binder is mixed more evenly than b4 to eliminate white spots or softened areas in the coals. All the coals are to 100% specs and get tested 10x by the time it is in our hands in USA. All coals have no taste, no smell, last longer than ever and do not break or shatter as all issues that caused the following have been resolved."[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]I hope you can post the above comments in your thread on the forum. That is what we have to say and we are standing 100% behind our products on all coals manufactered after Nov 15, 2008 and have the stickers. Hope this answers your questions and feel free to reply. Please post my paragraph if your kind enough on the forum as a statement from us.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Thanks again buddy and sorry for the issue. But thanks to you, we implemented some of the straining processes as you were the only one that informed us of the issue in the past. Thanks again for your support and hope we can gain your business back one day. I assure you once the new coals hit the markets near you, you will understand and try us again[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Thanks again[/FONT]


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