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Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
No offense, but the idea that a KM can take more of a beating than a nour is downright laughable.Most KMs' are nothing more than hollow pieces welded around a continuous downstem while Nours are solid brass cast around the stem.
KMs' are of a wider gauge tubing which makes for a bigger pull when smoking "big cloud" type moassel.
Nours, and most Syrian narghile, are made w/a narrower gauge tubing which may not have the ease of pull that the KMs' do, but imo, makes for a more concentrated smoke which ultimately means a more robust flavor.
Preach it brother Abu! Syrian products in general are far heavier and longer lasting then KMs. This is apparent to anyone that has held both in their hands. Also, I've come to prefer the Syrian style 4 holed chambers and absolutely love the craftsmanship. Both KM and Nour make great rigs but Syrian stuff is better.
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