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Default Re: Exotica's Like Cracker Jacks never know what the prize inside is!!!

Jilly it was in another e-mail i chose not to post it cause it wasnt it public domain and i do respect that. It wasnt that threatning though more telling me about my lack of intelligence in a field. Im done commenting on this if any one has questions ill take them on a personal level hit me up on a pm if you would like to ask any questions for some reason. Im still not going to give any info on our conversations due to them being on a personal level and were meant to be kept that way. this was once again meant to be more of a public service announcement to pay attention to what you smoke you only get one life and i intend to be here as long as possiable thats why even when i smoked i used to stuff my own cigs that way i could controll my own concumption. I even look over my shisha well i have found hair in it weather from my enviroment or the process of manufacturing and removed particles and was happy but with coals you cant brake them down to put them back together and that why i have concern ive even crushed quicklights, japs, and natural qubes apart just to see what was inside. I have experiance in the field of the use of carbon (charcoal) and binders in a way and thats why i check things i have had some weired things come in a 55 galon drum of pure carbon powder and thats why i check things. Even in lump charcoal to be ballmilled to powder ive seen odd things mainly metalic objects but have found some weired items none the less.
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