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Default Is it gonna kill me?

LOL ok for a while now i have been saving the scraps. Just little bits of Shisha here and there that were not enough for a bowl. I toss them into a spare tub and add a little bit of honey. The honey is really just to equal out the moisture content between the various brands.

The current mix contains Nekhla peach, mandarin, Romman coctail, AF orange. Well dummy me i got it a little too moist, so a tossed in a menthol ciggy to dry it up. Well it has been soaking in the juice for a week now. Time to smoke this puppy.

Now will i live to tell the tale

I had given some thoughts to doing a mix of the reject flavors. Had to find a use for them somehow but i just can't see that being enjoyable. I have Nekhla Cardoman, mint, Zag & cherry. AF apricot and plum. But if one of these will gag me just think what a mix of all of them will do!

Maybe i should just stick to my nice sweet mix.

Well time to experiment
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