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Default Re: MYA's kinda suck at purging?

I own a Mya, a KM, and a Nour.

The mya is a great travel hookah, it works quite well, but purging is a bitch. What I chose to do when it needed purging was to unscrew one of the adapters and just blew into there, the smoke clears that way best.

As for getting a KM or Nour above a Mya, its sort of like this. You may have been in a cheap car before, where it does the job but then ridden in a nice car, like an Audi or something. You notice the styling is better, the quality is better, you like the way it feels the way the door closes, its response etc etc. Its a little bit better in so many ways, thats what makes it a lot better.

Nour's are much more gorgeous than your average Mya. There are the super mya saray hookahs that are quite elegant, but when you hold them, they still don't feel like they are built as well as the nour or the km. they also smoke so much better, the flow is less restrictive, etc etc.

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