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Default My Cafe Experience on my BDay

Ok so after going up to Edgewater NJ for some fancy Japanese dining along the Hudson river, it was time to come back home. At 11 PM my friends were still getting ready for a little meetup at Houlahans (spelling) and we had an hour to kill. I decided to check out one of the many NJ Hookah bars which suprisingly are very close to my house. After a 5 min trip to a couple towns over, we arrived @ Isis Cafe on Englishtown Road in (Englishtown still i think) New Jersey.

Every1 always talked highly about this place and smack about the older traditional hookah bars.... such as Sultanas and Shaherzade both on Plainfield ave on Rt 27 next to Rutgers East Brunswick. I think its because this place had only AF and SB... and looked down on the traditional Nakhla that most hookah bars use.

So we walk in and and wait about 10 minutes for menus. It isn't very crowded. The atmosphere is dark and dim sort of like a new age hookah bar. HipHop, Rap, and R&B is playing. Finally we got the menus and check out the Hookahs. $9 for Al Fakher and $12 for Starbuzz.

Since it was my bday, we decided to get SB WhitePeach and waited another 15minutes for the hookah. The hookah pipe itself sucked. The purge was horrible and the draw was crap. The bowls which they used are Egyptian Clay bowls but the spiky kinds so you don't get a flat drum. The coal they used was a 40mm quicklight which didn't ash unless you had to do it. Because of the shape of the bowl and the foil, the coal rested lop sidedly along the edge of the bowl.

So we started smoking. Had a very mild taste of SB White Peach. I blame heat management because of the shape of the bowl and the crappy coal. After 15min of smoking we had no smoke, and the coal was still red hot. We moved the coal and nothing. So, being very frustrated about them not coming around and checking if everything is ok.... and having no tongs we decided to leave.

The bill came out to be 21 with some change because we also got a water, milkshake, and a coke.

My recommendation:
Avoid Isis Cafe in New Jersey
if your in the central jersey area.... stick to Shaherzade or Sultanas.

Atmosphere Score: 8/10
Service: 3/10
Hookah: 3/10

Improvements suggested:
Better bowl shapes that are actual drums, better coals for even heat distribution, better service, hookahs that don't purge like shit.

Thanks for reading.
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