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Originally Posted by sammniamii
Originally Posted by smoke-all-day
Originally Posted by CarolinaJohn
Wrap it around the bowel grommet and then slide the bowel down over the paper towel...
eww keep your bowels away from your hookah! nasty!

Took me a few reads to understand it... the curse of being dsylexic and unable to speel

sorry, couldn't help myself..... highjack over

anyway since i ran my mouth i thought i would give some advice.. make sure you wipe the hell out of your grommet, inside part of the bottom of your bowl, and the part you put the grommet on first, the drier they are the better they stick to eachother. and if you set your grommet loosely on the stem and set the bowl on it and then push the bowl down sometimes that helps. because then the grommet expands to the bowl instead of the bowl sliding down the grommet. sorry i have no advice for passion fruit lol
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