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Originally Posted by mack65401 View Post
Hi All,

I don't know if it really matters in the context of hookah smoking but heat is transferred in three different ways. The first one is conduction, i.e, through contact of the of the coals with the foil. The second one is convection, where the heat is transferred through a fluid medium, in the hookah case, this is the air between the foil and the tobacco. The final one is radiation, where heat is transferred as energy by electromagnetic waves. If you look into thermos bottles, you will most often see a mirror surface. In theory, the shiny side of the foil is just like the mirror in the thermos bottle and should reflect the heat energy back into the bowl.

So, even though I haven't tested it in any scientific way, I always put the shiny side of the foil down.
except there are also plastic thermoses inside. mirror is easier to clean hence the reason, the only reason a thermos works is the vacuum between the 2 containers. the 3 forms heat is transfered are not light waves, only light waves reflect off shiny materials more than matte materials. conductive doesnt matter which side, convection doesnt matter which side (seeing as it is essentially conductive just going through another medium), and electro magnetic again doesnt reflect based on the polish of the metal.

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