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Default Re: Adding legal herbs to shisha?

ironic, i was thinking about this the other day randomly.

native americans smoked many other legal things other than tobacco (from my understanding before any white men came the tobacco that was here naturally was way to potent to smoke). but know they smoked bearberry leaves but im not sure what else.

upon some quick research it looks like the tobacco that was smoked by the settlers was a cross breed of the harsh native stuff and something else, and it looks like they also smoked red willow bark (supposedly it is like tobacco some how, but you dont need to be 18 to get it so idk... but i have some that is pretty old but its been sealed so i may try it)

heres a link to kinnikinnik (the native blend of herbs and tobacco) or at least one mix of it. may be interesting to experiment with trying to use some of the same herbs in shisha to give some new flavors

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