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Default Re: MYA's kinda suck at purging?

Originally Posted by joytron View Post
no i mean i get in "theory" what is a purge valve but the only time you might need to use it is if you have a large vase and only take hits every few minutes. But other than that if it is a small mya just breathe in the smoke. The purge factor is the most overreated part when you are judging the quality of a hookah
No you are not getting the theory at all. When we say stale burnt taste we don't mean its smoke that just sits in the base for a few minutes. The reason we like this feature is because if you begin to burn the shisha, which will happen to most people who know how to manage their hookah, and you catch it before its ruined (good smokers know how to do that) then you use the purge valve to get rid of the bad smoke and get some good smoke in. Otherwise you have to smoke through the bad smoke, and you get to add that burnt taste to the flavor of your hose and that burnt taste will also mix in your water. It is far more enjoyable to skip that sensation by using a purge valve.

My wife's 13" astro in magenta still purges quite well, and I taught her when to purge it, its base is small and I'm getting her to smoke that instead of her parliament menthols...she doesn't just let the smoke sit...

(btw i have a review of that coming up i filmed it, just have to put it together)

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