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Default Re: Whats up with Layalina recently...

Yesterday, one of my friends gave me about 190 grams of what was left of his Layalina Blackberry. Now i was sure, since he gave it away (i have had great experiences with Layalina Blackberry), that there was something wrong. So i aksed him, and he told me he wanted me to try it because the flavor was very bland. The container had been cracked in shipping. So i said fine, i'll try it out. I invited this kid over who i havn't seen in a while. I loaded up a head on my Mya Acrylic of the Blackberry.

Now let me just say right here i'm pretty much the king of mya Acrylic smoking, i'm not trying to brag, but i kick ass.

But anyways, i set it up in a small phunnel with a Mod, and i tried a new coal and oil hole setup. I wanted more juice to drip to the bottom of the bowl from the shisha, and also didnt want the shisha to burn AT ALL. so i poked very large holes (about the size of those sewing pins with the balls on the end) at the edge of the Mod in the middle. I poked them as close together as possible. I didn't poke anymore holes around the rest of the bowl's foil, just the middle. I sat the coals (2 2.5 inch exoticas) on the non-holes foil directly across from each other. The shisha was heatd, and drippied a ton of juice into the bowl, all that was left on the Layalina, but it did not burn. I wasn't getting any smoke, but i knoew th juice was at the bottom because i looked under the shisha wen i switched the foils.

Now i poked holes near the rim of the bowl, same sized, 2 rows, and placed the coals in the middle away from the holes. It smoked like a king. I was getting Top Notch Starbuzz smoke from Layalina that supposedly had been drained of all it's juices. The juices sat at the bottom, getting heated by the coal, while air rsuhed through the tobacco and then the juices without being hated until it got to the mod. Amazing smoke.

Now, the flavor. I have had blackberry before. I have had the porblem of inconsistancy, of course. But now i know that with a little effort it can smoke better than before. Even with inconsistant batches, it's possible to make them work.
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