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Anyone wanting to try smoking this sort of mixture can get both sorts of tombac here: . Using your favorite Oriental pipe and molasses is easy enough but remember when you mix the ingredients together to wet your fingers first and to not squeeze the tombac out after soaking. It seems that the oven temperature should about 225-250F.

Unfortunately you can't tombac bowls or hoses in the states but I guess experimenting with what you have can't hurt and who know but that it make work just fine. I know I've gotten great results with my namour hose but I have a tombac bowl so.....

The rose syrup can be gotten here: although a lot of other good suppliers carry it. Any local market that caters to Indians, Pakistanis, Turks, Persains or Arabs will probably carry it.

As to how to smoke it i'd say it should be smoked like DM or any other strong, unwashed product.
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