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Default Re: home made shisha

I am also working on my own shisha. I mad some good smoking shisha using glycerin but the taste was no so great. food flavourings will not work in any case because what you need is smell. The key to make shisha is glycerin. Its too easy. you just take tobacco add glycerin and you have shisha. Making the shisha have flavour is the difficult part. I tried flavourings, extracts and some more things but they didnt work. What you need is something with a strong smell even if it tastes nasty. I tasted AF and AW shisha and it tastes nasty. Trust me it, doesnt have to taste good, just smell good

My tips :
GLycerin is a must
No food flavourings or extracts
Try strong smelling substances
Soak the tobacco the the aroma you want and leave it for some time
keep the thickness of the glycerin high

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