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Default Re: Dose hookah/shisha smoke have calories?

Originally Posted by prince of hooka View Post
when i was competing for a body building show a few years back when i just started smoking hookah. when ever i would smoke hookah my veins would start popping out wich meant my insulin levels were rising because of the sugar in the hookah it didn't effect me at all and i was able to get to 3% body fat. but for what ists worth it enough sugar in my blood to make my veins pop out ( i was also carbohydrates depleted so my body was extremley sensitive) so i think it has some calories but not that much.
No, your veins expanding has nothing to with the sugar content because the sugar is vaporized by the heat of the coals or (less so) caramelized and in either case you don't physically consume the sugar in moassel.

In any case, nothing you smoke has calories in a dietary sense.
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