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Default Re: Adding legal herbs to shisha?

I am an advocate of herbs such as these. The answer is do not look into it if you are looking for an effect similar or on the level of anything illegal. That is not what they are for and not something I am down with any way. Flavor and relaxation are the only reason to have anything to do with it. As stated some herbs are not safe for consumption of any kind. Do a lot of research and think about flavor before anything else.

Tobacco is just another plant and anything smoked or steeped in tea should be treated with the same respect we give our favorite smokeable (tobacco). Smoking is bad for you regardless of what it is.

As a side note the native american tobacco plant was an extremely strong smoke that was used in the peace pipes and supposedly is so high in nicotine that it induces an altered state. very dangerous and only used in ritual.

Traditional herb smoking adds range and complexity to the hobby that a lot of people never venture into.

Hajo I agree. The term native american is very inaccurate but it's the most commonly used because it's often too hard to be accurate about tribes or groups that people belong to. I find it easier to describe myself as having nate american blood rather than trying to explain that my ancestors were Iroquois and more specifically Mohawk. It just takes to long to explain. I appreciate that there are people that still take interest in being accurate and respectful of others though. So thank you.
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