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Default Re: home made shisha

using pipe tobacco is your best bet. get some cheap stuff, i got a 12 ounce bag for 12 bucks and its huge. make sure you wash it otherwise the buzz will be lethal. not literally but you know. just put it in a ziplock container and drown it in hot water and let it sit, change the water every day till it stops changing colors. and my personal experience, dont use molasses, or if you do dont use very much at all. when you strain the tobacco for the last time put it in a frying pan and cook it over low heat untill its dry, then stir in enough honey and glycerine to make it look goopy like regular shisha. add your flavor last so you dont cook it out.

thats all i got, my flavor didnt come through much for my first batch and the last 3 i made im letting sit in their juices. i tried to make them coffee flavored with real coffee grounds since coffee is supposed to stand up to high heat and retain flavor. even if you dont get any flavor though its still cool to see a big fluffy cloud you know you made

Originally Posted by CarolinaJohn
Is it worth all that effort? What is the expense of someone actually producing their own 250 grams of a Shisha Flavor compared to just buying it?

Or it is just the thrill of producing your own?

I would try it in a minute if it was easy to do and the flavors could be reproduced.
i used 50 grams of pipe tobacco and i have about the same volume as 250 grams of shisha, maybe more. im pretty sure it weighs over that too, like around 300. ill weigh it up one of these days and post up what it is.
and yeah the thrill is a nice bonus
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