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Default Nahkla and Phunnel Bowl

I recentely just got a phunnel bowl and i havent been able to use it til today ( was out of tobacco). So i ran to the store and bought nahkla strawberry and peach. Im not a fan of nahkla but thats all they had and was desperate. So i packed it well, made 3 circles of holes and one bigger hole in the middle as i was getting no suction. So my question is how do the two work together? cuz i was getting little to medium smoke. With 3 3Kings coals. Smelled amazing, Not Harsh at all but tasted awful, with a pistachio aftertaste. It was my first time using it, i will try again tmr with a regular bowl to see if theres any difference.

Your Thoughts on it? I should mention that the Nahkla tobacco was dry. Little bit of juice, but not like al-fakher ( what im used to)
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