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Default Re: Ugh, buying shisha is ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
The only problem with your idea is that some brands sell faster than others. Some brands would sit and collect dust while others would fly out the door. I think that's why some brands are found on every vendors site and some are on very few. I would rather buy my tobacco from a vendor that carries a handful of brands and know that it's fresh than some Wal-Mart of shisha.

As for shipping, good luck on $5 shipping on all items. One of the things I despise most is low prices for products and a huge shipping charge.
soooooo true.

the way large warehouses can lose track of age is horrid, as an example, most of the paintball paint from walmart is 6+months old some times pushing 2 years when paintballs need to be used with in 3 months tops from date of manufacture or they can settle out and not fly straight, get hard and not break, or get brittle and break to easily, or just get soggy.

i wouldnt want to see how old of shisha you would get from a huge ware house type thing like that, we already are getting 3-6 month old shisha some times from the larger vendors.

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