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Default Re: Adding legal herbs to shisha?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
^^ correct with all the history and the native american definition by exacts but the group of people refer to them selves that way and/or as indians, and pretty much if you say native american you will have some one thinking of an indian.

for the most part the thing i linked to would be used by plains tribes like lakota, crow, navajo, etc

from what i am told though from a friend that has used red willow bark it is supposed to also be able to work like aspirin by smoking it, he said when he has had head aches he smoked it and it worked to relieve them but also some times basically made him really sleepy

I would suggest that to carry on using a nonsensical, PC term like native American simply because that particular abuse of the English language has taken hold is something that should not be done because it is wrong to do so.

I do not know anything about willow bark and I would venture to say that absolutely no research exists on the matter making an informed decision on it's use impossible.
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