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Default Re: Adding legal herbs to shisha?

Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
Tobacco is pretty dangerous as well. I can't even list all the possible outcomes of smoking tobacco off the top of my head. I understand what you mean Hajo but maybe this thread being here will prevent future questioning.
Tobacco has risk factors that are at least somewhat understood (ex. a 4-8 fold increase in the likelihood of getting lung cancer after 30 years of daily use) which means that an intelligent person can evaluate the risks of use. Since a great deal of herbs have absolutely no research about dose/response curves an informed decision can't be made.

What worries me is that a great deal of perfectly legal herbs that have historically been smoked or added to ales can in fact kill you unless expertly employed. When I say kill you I don't mean in 30 + years of daily use you may get cancer I mean death the same day as the first use. I will not mention such substances publicly for obvious reasons but the truth is that much of what is out there simply is not suitable for smoking or is an unknown danger and we should not risk the reputation of the hobby by treating this matter lightly.

Lastly I will point out that I personally know of two different people that died from smoking things they bought legally without the intention of replicating something illegal. Bottom line to me is that this is a topic that needs to treated with extreme care.
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