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Default Re: Adding legal herbs to shisha?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
"native american" is not a "pc term" its what is used in general, about as equally as "american indian". it is used as a general term to cover all the individual nations be cause at this point most of the nations are friendly with each other, at least enough that they can interact with each other and not have issues. powwows are almost always open to all nations with the only real restriction being if they are card carrying natives (being that the US government has recognized that person as having enough of a nation's heritage in their history to be considered that nation to the government, which grants them some extra rights than only a citizen of the US)

red willow bark ha been used for hundreds of years, ive never seen any warnings with it at all and i know a lot of people that have used it and not had issues and not said there is anything you have to be careful with it.

Being an Amerindian does not make one more "natively" American then anyone else born in the U.S.A. of parents that are citizens of that country. Like the term "first nations" "native American" is a political term designed to enhance a PC agenda. The fact that such nonsensical terms have been pushed for decades as a form of cultural warfare to the extent they are now commonly accepted by people unaware of the implications of such terms does not make it a correct one.

As for red willow bark I admit that don't know anything about it in pharacological terms but then again neither does anyone else. The reality is that since no empherical data exists about it's effects neither you nor I can make an informed descision about it's use.

The fact that you haven't heard anything negative is not the same thing as having an informed opinion about the safety of it's use. As to history I could easily list dozens of exceedingly dangerous legal herbs that have a very long history of use so the assumption that some paleolithic peoples used any substance for any lenght of time doesn't mean it's safe.

If red willow bark is safe to smoke (and it very well may be) then i'd be delighted to see any info to that effect. Until such info becomes available I would be very warry of recomending it to anyone.
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