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Default Re: Adding legal herbs to shisha?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Being an Amerindian does not make one more "natively" American then anyone else born in the U.S.A. of parents that are citizens of that country. Like the term "first nations" "native American" is a political term designed to enhance a PC agenda. The fact that such nonsensical terms have been pushed for decades as a form of cultural warfare to the extent they are now commonly accepted by people unaware of the implications of such terms does not make it a correct one.
i really do not understand what you are trying to get across with this, "native american" has not been used as a PC term that is being pushed by any agenda, all natives i know (and i know a lot seeing as ive been part of the culture for the last 7 years, im native by heart, not by blood) ive always heard that term used to just group all the nations that were pre settlement by all natives, american indian and native american are interchangeable out west on the reservations and in the general vernacular. the term "first nations" is some bull PC crap, most natives dont use that term.

yes any one that is born in america is a "native american" but the term in not used that way, there are plenty other similar uses of words that are not used for their direct literal meaning but they are still used

something to remember is that the native americans that smoked their blends of herbs usually did not inhale but smoked the same as a modern pipe or cigar. and on some research i found out that the aspirin properties of red willow bark are only gained by ingesting them orally so smoking doesnt help with that.

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