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Default does the golden af line take less heat?

ok so ive only smoked my af golden grape 2 times, the first time i used 3 CH coals on my mod bowl (like i do on my AF usually) and it was ok. then last night i was using the same set up same coals all that but it got harsh pretty fast, also got harsh in my friends hookah that was smoking it at the same time in a mya like bowl (very deep and not very wide) with 2 CH coals.

mine i had to drop it to 2 coals and the other bowl we just move the coals and it was ok.

the only difference was that i was not pulling as much on it as i usually do with my normal af because i was helping them with a computer issue so it was sitting there for a little while unsmoked so it was heating up a good amount i guess, same with my friends hookah, it was just sitting there too

just chalk it up to sitting and not being smoked as much or does it take less heat?

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