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Default Re: Ugh, buying shisha is ridiculous.

you guys have to look at the positive side of things. I have never been to a store with as much selection as some of the online vendors we have here at HP. Also, many of you (I would say us but I'm not included in this one) live in the boonies and/or have to drive pretty far to take a chance on some store you found in the hone book hoping they have fresh shisha with a selection. and like dunk mentioned it's hard to stock up on a ton of flavs when some sell and some don't. also, these gdam shisha companies make too many flavors sometimes, like sb with 80 flavors. why buy sb "apple" when you can get af apple for half the price. it's not that much better. on the other hand sb's citrus mist and blue mist sell like hotcakes so i am always having to get those. ok, i'm going off a tangent here...
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