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Default Re: Adding legal herbs to shisha?

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Hajo, read what I said earlier. It's just easier. I define myself by my personality and my actions not by the name of a group. If someone asks me I can elaborate but I do not find it necessary to educate them as some may call it. I do not let "indian" or "american indian" pass so easily, but Native American is accurate enough and non-offensive enough for me to accept. Frankly amerindian is pretty bad.

There are varying opinions in all groups about how they should be called and what is considered acceptable but it comes down to the individual to determine what they are ok with and what is a problem. No other person can dictate what is right for the individual.

But beyond all of that, this is not a discussion nor a subject that can be settled here and the best option is to just disagree and leave it up to those in question to decide if a fight is necessary.
hmmm ya that is interesting, most natives i talk to dont really mind indian/ american indian when being refereed to, or even referring to them selves

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