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Default Km vase cleaning help.

I know before you even tell me use the search and already did! Im having trouble getting my vase clean. There seams to be some sort of stuff stuck to the bottem and cant get it out and seems to be very stuborn to come off. It is whitish almost translucent gunk and because of the flare on my km vase. My brushes cant seem to get enough friction to remove it. Where does this gunk come from? Im very clean and even use my RO water in my vase every time. Ive used every brush i own, Crushed ice lemon juice baking soda, dish soap, wooden dowls and fresh brillow pads, combinations of all of the above and cant seem to get the gunk out of that .5 or so flare at the bottem. I guess my main concern is it harmful i wouldnt think but figured i would ask before i order a new vase. I clean it almost every use with the brushes and usually some baking soda and lemon juice at aminium. Im sorta a neat freak with my hookahs and hoses and this bugs me and i really didnt notice it tonight till i removed my base protector and held it up to the light. stupid me i never remove the base protector even when cleaning and now i wish i would have sooner maby this crap would allot easier to remove. Any suggestions would be great with my broblem.
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