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Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
I've never heard of it, but it should be noted that every new brand that's come out lately has claimed to be this or that.Remember Tonic? Claimed to be made using recipies from moassel masters who's product is bought by wealthy gulf sheiks for 100s of dollars? It would be great to have a natural unwashed product, but I'm not holding my breathe. (am I being too negative?)
tonic claimed that? you gotta be kidding me. they just copied sb all the way only forgot to add the same quality, or do what they should have, make it better than sb, what a joke brand.
the problem with most shisha is that it's produced by people who don't smoke all the time, (well maybe cigs but def not shisha) it's not their passion, the only passion they have is making $$$. I have the same passion for making money however I would only make a product that I would consume all the time and enjoy it.
the only company i know of that has a strong passion for what they make is tangiers. the guy knows exactly what he is making and smokes it all day. while it may not be for everyone the work ethic is admirable.
damit, time for a new years resolution....
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