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I think you are right John. I get the impression that far too many brands that seem to be popping up are started by a rich guys jumping on a bandwagon in order to rake in some quick cash. So many of the brands on the market are at best mediocre and I don't think that the people that make them have any real love of the product.

As to Blue Moon, well I have no idea if it's any good.

What is needed is for someone to import the countless brands from India, Iran and the various Arabic countries that one can only buy by visiting those places or by buying large quantities shipped at shocking prices. I personally would rather smoke El Kif, Abu Sheesha, Abu Itrah, Al Kass or El Gondoul then then anything on the American market. All of those brands are mass produced by big firms rather then made in some guy's garrage so it's not as if it's harder to find or buy then any other wholesale brand.
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