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Default Re: home made shisha

Originally Posted by shishaholiC
Anyone got the tobbaco to taste like something other that tobacco? :O
the first batch i made i added vanilla extract, cherry and almond extract to the dried washed tobacco and let it sit in that for a day or so, then added the tobacco to some heated honey and glycerine. at first when i light it up it tastes like you are smoking plastic but that only lasts about a minute or two. once the smoke thickens up it tastes like coco pebbles and raw tobacco. its weird because i have to use an extra half a 33mm coal on a bowl that usually almost gets too hot with even one 33mm i am going to try a bit of that coffee batch i made either later tonight or some time tomorrow, hopefully it comes through

o yeah and one of the last batches i made that im waiting on i added no coffee to because it already had such a rich smell, but i added a nice dash of some ground cardimom and it smells even better!
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