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Default Re: Giving much deserved thanks


Truly excellent! A stroke of genius to start such a thread as we move into the new year!

I have been around HookahPro for quite a while now, and I see a strong progressive trend for amazingness!

I learned a lot here, and I still am....I feel that there is so much to learn out there from one another, and this is one thing I believe we all do here; learn from one another. I am very thankful that we have members on this forum who are so willing to teach/learn/offer advice.

Not only that....friendships occur here! We definitely share at least ONE thing in common...HOOKAH. It brings us all together as one, much like a family. I would like to make a shout out...but the list would be far too long! So my shout out goes to EVERYONE!

The moderators and admin on this forum keep this place nice and tidy for us all so we don't have to deal with anything completely and utterly useless, I appreciate that, and am thankful.

I also am thankful for all of the support that I receive, both as an individual and a vendor. I love all the reviews I receive, and cherish each and everyone of them. You all are my go-to, as I may be some of you all's go-to as well.

I am honored to be in such a place

Have a Happy New Year!
Nazar Hookah
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