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Thanks for all the kind comments guys. I've been lucky insofar as meeting amazing people goes and having wild things happen out of the blue.

Gift3d, one thing i've found is that despite my age and many years of smoking I always am running into people that know a lot more about narghile stuff then I do and that makes the whole subject even more intriguing. I Certainly agree that fruity stuff has lost it's appeal to me and these days is just an occassional choice.

kingboyb, I laughed when I saw your comment about the Fugazi t-shirt because yeah, it's a trip to meet people into old HC stuff out here. The old gent is actually super conservative socially and he doesn't like any sort of heavy music (he calls it "the sounds of braying asses") but he a great guy nonetheless.

mattathayde, when I smoke this way I use foil and either my tombac bowl, funnel & mod or vortex. I think I have a mod style bowl somewhere but I never use it. Think that the problem is that normal style bowls (mods, egyptian, syrian etc.) drip the liquid down the stem. If you use a normal style bowl i'd suggest putting a few bits of straw over the holes so as to reduce the driping and leave the mixture in the over for an extra few minutes.

The molasses used in this sort of thing is always black strap style because it gives a much richer flavour and is thought of as giving a smoker smoke with less likelihood of being scotched then honey or light style molasses.
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