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Default Re: Consultation of Next Hookah Purchase

Don't forget to get a good hose. My first hookah came with a cheap one and rusted inside and there was a lot of buildup of crap in there. Even after cleaning it a bunch of times I could still taste it just breathing through it when it wasn't even connected to my hookah. Of course cleaning probably helped accelerate the rust in there too.

My second hookah is a KM M3 Isis (trimetal). And the hose it came with seems pretty good, but I just got it so have no idea how long it will last, but I haven't read anything bad about them either. What I like about KM and other egyptian hookahs is that it uses its own welded port for the hose connection as opposed to a threaded fitting which usually has a small opening. So it's easier to breathe in the shisha smoke without making your lungs work to hard (it's just like breathing), so it's a more relaxing smoking session. Also you can always just throw ice in the vase if you don't go with the chiller.

As said already, the hookah itself won't make the shisha taste better. What you are really buying is the build/construction/quality and the aesthetic elements to it. I could get huge clouds out of my 13" hookah. It's just how you pack the bowl and coal management that's involved in that one.

I just got the KM just to say I got a KM..haha. Bad reason maybe, but I don't regret it. I'm just hoping their reputation for quality continues.
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