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Default Re: acclimating hookah...

found this too from ... i just googled it. lol

Acclimating the molasses

"Acclimating the molasses" basically means giving the molasses some time to get used to its environment. We do this because the tobacco forms equilibrium with the moisture in the air.
When it is out of balance the juice becomes too runny, or the excess moisture in the air dissolves all the flavors wrong. If you acclimate your tobacco, it allows the tobacco to reach equilibrium with the air, making the smoke thicker and more flavorful. This is most especially important with molasses containing nicotine, but flavor changes can be found in non-nicotine tobaccos too. It is best to let the tobacco sit out in the environment it will be smoked in for at least 3 hours prior to your smoking session. The idea of acclimating your molasses may not sound realistic, but try it once and you will definitely notice a difference, in comparison to smoking the molasses right out of the box.

woot woot.
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