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Default Re: home made shisha

Today I smoked smoked a batch of Forest Fruits i made, using IcedTea powder and it was actually good. Smoked well, took 6-7 minutes to start clouding but it did. The taste was actually good but very subtle. If i didnt know what it was i wouldnt be able to tell. But it was my 1st flavourful shisha

I had the tobacco soaking for about 2 weeks in a water with icedtea powder and i changed it every 2 days. The least five days i removed all the liquid and let it dry. today i added Glycerin and smoked it.
I think if a added the glycerin and let it sit for 1-2 days, it would probably be better but i wouldnt be able to try it till next week cz i dont have time for experiments on week days.
Anybody achived anything without all the hassle and waiting i went through?
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