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Default I hate smoking at other peoples places...

so yeah, last night I went to a party and noticed a MYA QT sitting in the corner. I asked its owner if we could smoke it and she said sure, and began to set it up. I sat there and watched....first thing she did was pack the bowl with El Basha strawberry from a plastic tub. Do they even make it in plastic tubs? anyway, the bowl was packed like a good half inch over the rim....ugh. Then, I see her with a piece of foil poking monster holes with a BBQ sqewer, and then she foils it, terribly loose. Me being semi-inebriated yet still hookah sober just sat there and watched. I knew I wouldn't smoke it so I was just grinning thinking of how everyone else around me will enjoy the lovely smoke. So, then she pulls out a 40mm QL, lights it on the bowl, and there I proceed to walk away LOL. I usually try to help people out but the last time I did, they got really offended. you'd think they'd say "hmmm...this tastes like garbage, maybe we're doing something wrong". time to set up my KM and enjoy a real smoke

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