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Default Re: I hate smoking at other peoples places...

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
I finally gave the tard at a local lounge a lesson on set up and its funny how people dont educate them self about there own hobbies or buisness. o well I just smile and know when i get home im gonna enjoy hookah smoking at its finest. I actually unpacked my bowl infront of the owner of a local lounge and repacked it and made correct hole pattern in some foil i ran out to my car and got and he was so pissed untill he saw the clouds and tasted my bowl and now he does it my way and has told me since his customers do allot less bitching. So i feel your pain at first i thought he was going to kick me out so now i just smile knod and mind my own buisness.
lol at tard.
you should charge him for that valuable info, after all you got it through tons of your on trial and error and the info you picked up here I assume. He should have you in training his staff and you getting free hookah everytime
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