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Default Re: Recieved my MYA Vortex...Something is wrong

Originally Posted by digitalbass View Post
As stated in the title I just recieved my MYA Vortex in the mail. My hookah before this 1 was a horrible cheap $60 2 hose no brand name hookah. So I was assuming it would be a HUGE difference. Well I think im doing something wrong or the MYA Vortex isnt as good as my crap other hookah. So got couple questions.

1-On the hose adapters there are screws and little ball bearings. The ball bearings go on the bottom and then you put the screw on place so it doesnt fall out correct?

2-There are 3 holes I can screw my hose adapters into and 1 hose that has a little ball with it sticking out with 3 holes inside. I was told not to put my hose adapters in that because that is sort of like a. Sorry forgot.

3-The bowl in this is alot deeper than my other bowl. My other bowl is shallower and wider and this bowl is deeper and not as wide. I pack my bowls with alot more shisha in this bowl because I can but it burns and the sessions last half as long. And it gets harsh VERY fast in this new bowl.

4-The hose on my other crap hookah is skinny and this hose is alittle bit more wide. My other hose I could draw for a long time but this hose I can only draw for a small amount of time because its wider. But it doesnt have as much smoke as my old hookah either.

I just dont get it. I had the shisha/sessions last WAY longer in my old hookah and had my clouds alot bigger. Im putting the same amount of water in both. Filling the base up until 3/4" - 1" of the stem is submerged in water. Please if you owned the MYA Vortex or know what could be wrong adive/help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks

1- Yes. Those are auto-seal hose ports, the ball bearing is placed under the screw; when you inhale, the ball bearing is pulled against the hose port opening in the heart of the hookah and the airway is sealed off to make your draw stronger.

2- I think what you are explaining is the Purge Valve. It looks different than the hose ports, you can't stick a hose into it. On a Mya hookah, you can take the purge valve off with plyers and replace it with an auto-seal hose port (the ones mentioned previously) so you can have one more place to plug in a hose. The Purge valve is used to release stale smoke; you do this by blowing into one of the hoses (one that has NO auo-seal bearing in the port). Mya hookahs don't purge so you won't need a purge valve for anything.

3- Pack less shisha in your new bowl. Use less coal, and experiment with amounts of coal until you get it right. Switch to natural coals as well.

4- Smoke density is not related to the hose. The hsoe you have is most likely a Mya hose, and these are tight-draw hoses, so I don't see how you are unable t inhale for a normal amount of time on these. The only possibility here is that you have an air leak in your hookah, the hose, or you don't have thr auto-seal ports set up correctly (refer to 1) , in which no bearings are inside of them, in which case the other ports/hoses need to be plugged.
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