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Default Re: I hate smoking at other peoples places...

LOL Mr. B! I saw a lady on Youtube prepare her smoke exactly like how you say. She was just starting out with a little pumpkin hookah and the foil was incredibly loose, holes were too big, and the coal she lit directly on top of the bowl. If someone was to prepare my hookah, I'd be very skeptical unless I KNEW they were doing a good job of it. To me, there should be no one to prepare you a smoke except for yourself because it's all personal preference. That would be like if I asked my mother to adjust the seat of my car for me. It just doesn't work like that. You should have asked her questions but don't be so obvious to say "Ok you clearly don't know what you're doing" even though I'm sure you wanted to. Simply say to her, "You've been smoking for quite a while? I notice your set up is different from mine" and so on and so on. That way she will be interested to see how you prepare your smokes and she can learn
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