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Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
fumari does this a lot to me, and its not because of heat, or harshness, the flavor is just, INTENSE... like the jasmine specifically.

But what zensilk said is probably the case, look under your foil, if you have charred bits stuck, then youre burning sir.
Fumari Mango takes more heat than anything I have ever seen, I've had 15 gram phunnel bowls of the stuff last in the 110 minute range, which is absurd for that little of an amount with 3 coals. But, I have had it become harsh from too much heat in burned out spot - and the "Filling" smoke came on. I have never had Jasmine before though..

Photlinger, I get that odd felling you described from chemical starbuzz flavors, especially citrus mist and blue mist, and that could defintiely be the case!

I havn't had this feeling form anyhting other then AF brand right from the start. The new cut causes this, i think because of how we are used to smoking; we put a bunch of heat on, 2 or 3 coals, ad the small cut tobacco gets torched within 20 minutes, being tingly or "filling" on the lungs and throat the whole time.

Burning Tangiers Lucid does this as well.
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