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Default Re: I hate smoking at other peoples places...

I casually suggest, if they do not know what to do, try to help them out still. When people smoke harsh smoke and get used to it, its gonna really be worse for their lungs, far more irritation, probably an increased risk of cancer there.....You should try to save their life.

Seriously though, I'll say it frankly but I'll try to avoid the condescending tone, more like a oh, hey, you should use a little less tobacco so you dont burn it, and hey the holes should be smaller, and the foil might need to be a little tighter....

etc etc.

as for el basha, youre fucked on that one

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner
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